The Two Wolves

The Two Wolves is based upon the legend of Romulus and Remus, the founding fathers of Rome who were twin brothers and famously, were raised by wolves.  The brothers went on to form the city of Rome. However, in the end, Romulus killed Remus  over where the city would be eventually be situated.  With The Two Wolves, this iconic story has been updated to modern days, with “Game of Thrones-style flashbacks to ancient Rome. The story now revolves around the billionaire “Silvia Family” and the patriarch of the family, Mars Silvia, who has built up his billion pound fortune by nefarious means with the help of his oldest son, Reid and his mysterious “council” – 12 men and women who form major characters within the series and each have their own “larger than life” story trajectory. Mars decides, upon his death bed, to transfer his fortune to his younger, son Romeo (the “good wolf”) to “do only good with it”. From that moment onwards, one brother is turned against the other.

The Two Wolves is a dramatic and dynastic family drama, with major musical elements  as part of the narrative and the accompanying soundtrackfeaturing major recording artists and a star-studded cast directed by a critically acclaimed Hollywood director.

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Next Steps…

The project is still in development but final editing of sample scenes has now been completed.